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Hale MRI Computerized Propeller Analyzer

The Michigan Wheel / Hale MRI allows our experienced technicians to recondition a propeller Measurement Recording Instrument with a precision unavailable until now. We can fine tune your propellers by measuring pitch, track, camber, and rake to within one one-thousandth of an inch. Accu-Prop can also recondition your propellers to Class S and Class I ISO tolerances, which give you the following:

  • Increased speed
  • Less vibration
  • Better fuel efficiency

Computerized High-Speed Dynamic Balancer

The Dynamic Balancer spins your propeller at high speed to check for any unbalance. Dynamic BalancerThe computer then measures these unbalances to the precision of gas turbine standards. The result is an incredibly smooth running propeller. Accu-Prop recommends a Dynamic Balance as part of any propeller reconditioning to notice immediately the difference in your boat's performance.

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